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Heritage Bi-Plane Kit $34.95
Heritage Bi-Plane Kit

Great kit to build with a child!

This 25 part kit is ready for you, rough finished and shaped.  Just sand and finish it in whatever way you like.  It's recommended that you have a young pilot assist you in the building of this old fashioned flyer.

The first one we made was held onto almost constantly for the first three days when it was given to a boy of 10.  He never let it get more than three feet away from him for the first week!  It still gets flown around the house from time to time months later...


  • Wingspan: 11"
  • Length:     10.5"
  • Height:     5"
  • Parts:       25
  • Fun:         Unlimited
Candle Lantern $45.00
Candle Lantern

This candle lantern is designed with an easy open method. 

Our Lantern comes in three colors.

Delivered Fully Assembled.

Dimensions 7"X7"X7"

Save when you buy multiples... Ask us about bulk pricing.

Candle Lantern - No Finish $35.00
Candle Lantern - No Finish

This lantern is fully assembled, but with no finish.
Flat Pack Lantern (kit) $25.00
Flat Pack Lantern (kit)

The Economy Lantern

This lantern is in a flat pack for less expensive shipping.

All you need is about 15mins and some glue to put together your lantern.  Everything you need is in the box but the glue.

How it looks after it's built...

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Handmade in America

Handmade in AmericaMade in America means a lot these days.  You can rest assured that since we make all our products in our Yamhill, Oregon shop, that anything you buy from us is supporting American business, and helping the local economy.

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